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ManagersChoice is a series of globally diversified asset-allocation solutions that span the risk-return spectrum. Time-tested for over 15 years, this easy-to-use solution uses the same types of sophisticated investment management tools used by some of the world's leading institutional investors. Our range of ManagersChoice portfolios target specific risk tolerances, capital appreciation potential, and income needs, while incorporating ample consideration of time horizon and, in several model portfolios, tax considerations. With our well-designed set of solutions, you can closely match your clients' individual requirements to a globally diversified, multi-manager portfolio that is typically available only to wealthy investors.

ManagersChoice is distributed exclusively through financial advisors. Talk to your financial advisor for more information and to determine which solution is best for you.

Professional advice combined with professional investment solutions – that's investing made easier.

AMG Funds: Independent broker dealer, institutional investor, asset-allocation solutions

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